WiFi Password Hacker App for Android Phones

wifi password hackerWiFi Password Hacker Android App

In a recent BBC video news report it has been revealed that free WiFi in cafes and bars might be disappearing, rather than increasing as most people would expect, so the need for WiFi password hacker apps like the one we are going to show you in this post  are going to be an even more important tool in your apps arsenal to fight high data bills.

The App, simply call ‘WiFi Password Recovery’ has a simple, clear and easy to use layout.  However don’t be fooled in to thinking that just because the app’s name and appearance seems fairy benign its not a powerful WiFi password hacking tool!  The app does not have the terms ‘hack’, ‘hacking’, ‘crack’ or ‘cracking’ in its name because it would not be allowed in to the Play Store, all the apps with ‘WiFi Hack/hacker’ in their name are fake/joke/prank apps.

This App is real and WILL hack WiFi!

Using the app is very simple and you don’t need any WiFi hacking experience to use it!

The first this you need to do is download it from the Google Play Store (link at the bottom of this post) and install it.  Once you hae done that you will need to go to ‘Settings’ and the tap ‘Download Dictionary’, this is a big file so download it when you are already using free WiFi at a cafe or friends house.

You should then return to the home screen and press the refresh button and you will then be shown every WiFi network in range of your device and which ones can be hacked as it the picture below.  The App will automatically scan for WiFi networks when you open it but it is recommended that you keep refreshing it to find more networks.

wifi password hackerEvery WiFi network in range will be shown in the app and listed as either ‘No Vulnerable’, meaning it cannot find the password. Or the WiFi router will be shown as ‘Vulnerable’ which means the App can hack the password!

Just press on a ‘vulnerable’ WiFi network and the App will give you the password and you can connect to that network straight away and enjoy the free WiFi

The App will not be able to crack the WiFi password of every router but it does have a very high success rate, it can only find the password to routers which have not had their default password changed, however this is the majority of routers as most people don’t know how to!

Some of the WiFi router brands which are supported by this App are listed below, this is just a selection and many more routers can be hacked with this app:

  • Thompson
  • Speedtouch
  • WLAN
  • WLAN
  • YaCom
  • Megared
  • Axtel
  • InterCable6X
  • InterCable

So we hoped you enjoyed this post and you will be able to get free WiFi where ever you go!  If you liked it please share this page with your friends!

Download the App from the Play Store Here!