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wifi password hackHack WiFi Passwords with WiFi Finder Android App

WiFi Finder is a WiFi password hack App designed for Android devices and it will recover/hack the WiFi password to a huge number of Brands of Internet routers around the world.  This App has a wide range of uses, firstly it can be used to find the password to your own router if you have lost it or if you need it to connect a new device to the network or if you have a fried/family member who wants to connect to your home WiFi network and needs the passcode.

Secondly it can be used to check if your WiFi router is secured, if this App can hack the WiFi password then it is vulnerable to attack from other hackers and you should consider changing the network name and/or password.

Thirdly this App is great for anyone who wants to use the Internet on their smartphone without incurring high data costs when away from home or out of their home country (basically every smartphone user!)

Unlike other WiFi Hacking techniques which require special programs, equipment, knowledge, time and luck this App works by finding the default WiFi password to a router in a just a few seconds.

The WiFi Finder Android App allows you to hack WiFi with even a cheap/low spec. smartphone and it will work on unrooted devices, this is great news for people who don’t want to or don’t know how to Root their Android phone.  Of course if your device is already Rooted the App will work just fine.  Learn more about what Rooting is and how to Root your Android phone/Table in our special Rooting guide here!

This WiFi password hack App is available completely free from the Google Play Store so you can download it today and start to hack WiFi right away!  Download link at the bottom of this page.

We have been testing this App for a few days now and on a number of different routers and it is really impressive.  The User Interface of the App is clean and simple, the layout is good and clear, it is easy to use, the App is fast and responsive and there is only some occasional advertising.

Shown below is the first screen you are presented with after you open the App, automatically it will scan for all of the WiFi networks in range of the Android device and indicate which networks are ‘vulnerable’, in other words which WiFi networks can be hacked.

wifi password hack app






At first the number of hackable (vulnerable) networks will be limited because no ‘dictionary’ file has been loaded in to the App yet, this is basically a file containing millions of default WiFi passwords which allows the App to hack WiFi.

Installing the dictionary is very simple, just tap on the spanner icon which will take you to the settings page, then tap on ‘Download Dictionary’, this file is around 60-70Mb so ensure you are already connected to a Free WiFi hotspot at a cafe, restaurant or friends house before downloading.

Once the file is downloaded you will be ready to start testing the security of WiFi routers or hacking WiFi passwords where ever you need WiFi.  There is also the option to use your 3G or 4G Internet connection to calculate the WiFi password instead of the installed dictionary file, this is just another option if you wish to use but it is usually slower and will eat inn to your data allowance/package.


wifi password hack android app

After you have downloaded the dictionary file you just need to tap on ‘Folder Select’ and choose the dictionary file to use, there will only be one and the file will be named something like ‘dictionary.dic’ or Thomsonkeys.dic’

After that you need to go back to the main screen and press the refresh button, you will now see many more WiFi networks listed as vulnerable.  Just tap on a network listed as ‘vulnerable’ and the App will automatically try and connect to the network.  It will not work every time but we have seen it has over a 97% success rate when we tested it to hack WiFi passwords.

The App can hack the WiFi password to the WiFi router brands listed below and many more!










Mega Cable






Get it here, no Root required!