Router Keygen – One of the Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android

best wifi network hackerWiFi Password Hacker App – Router Keygen

The Internet has become an essential part of our modern lives and even more so for any smartphone owner, whether you just want to find some information quickly, find you way around a new city with Google Maps or play Pokemon Go, you need an Internet connection.  Smartphone owners are more aware than anyone else of how vital an Internet connection is, this is not a problem for those lucky enough to have unlimited data plans but for the rest of us using WiFi is our only other option.

But if you are away from home, work or school and need the Internet, what can you do?

Simple, use a WiFi password hacker App like the one we are going to show you here today.

The App works in a very similar way to the other Apps on our site that find the correct WiFi password to an Internet router which still uses it default WiFi pass code and SSID (network name).  In other words a router which has not had it’s password changed by the owner and it is one of the best wifi network hacker apps available.

Router Keygen is one of the best WiFi hacker Apps on our site as it is extremely comprehensive in respect to the number of routers it can hack the password to worldwide.

The App works by exploiting a simple flaw in the router’s security which uses an algorithm the make the WiFi passkey and router name from the router’s MAC address (similar to a serial number), so the WiFi password can be decrypted easily using publicly available data which is stored in the dictionary file that is downloaded in the settings section of the App.

The App is especially effective at hacking the password to Thomson based routers which are amongst the most populous routers which are often just re-branded with the ISPs (Internet service Providers) logo, Thomson routers are found the world over due to their low cost so are popular with low cost Internet providers.

The App is not limited to just Thomson routers, it works very well on many other well known brands including DLink, Huawei, Netgear & SpeedTouch.

The App will also crack the WiFi password to routers used internationally in Europe, America and Asia from Internet Service Providers like Verizon, Sky, FASTWEB, OTE, PBS, Eircom, Alice, Infostrada, PVT and many others.

To use the App you just need to follow these few easy instructions.

First download and open the App fro the Play Store (link below).

Then press the selector/menu button to take you to the ‘Preferences’ section.
Scroll down to the ‘Download Dictionary’ option which will download a large dictionary file which contains thousands of default WiFi passwords.

That is all the set up you need to do and you will only need to do it once.

Now you can start enjoying the benefits of this WiFi password hacker App!
All you need to do now is tap the circular arrow button to scan for local WiFi networks.

router keygenIn the picture below the App will show you which networks are ‘supported’, ie. can be hacked (highlighted in green), in this case it is a WiFi network with the name ‘SpeedTouch1E4BE2’.







best wifi network hackerTap the network name and you will be given one or two possible passwords, usually the first one is the correct password, just tap on one of the passwords and the App will automatically connect the WiFi network and give you free WiFi!  After using this App for a few days you will realize how this really is one of the best WiFi network hacker Apps for any Android device.






Download it FREE from the Play Store >>> Here