Android Network WiFi Sniffer apk

android network sniffer apkIf you have ever wanted to see what other people are looking at on the Internet on the same WiFi network as you then you need to download this App.  Not only can you see what other people are looking at, you can see their email addresses and passwords too!

This post will describe some of the features and functions of this network sniffer App which is similar to Faceniff (Android) or Wireshark (Mac/Windows). The App is very powerful and has loads of features, the main ones we will discuss below.

This App can not hack WiFi passwords, it is used to collect information sent over a wireless network the device is already connected to.  Many of the functions are similar of Intercepter-NG but has an easier to use interface.  It can collect usernames, email address, passwords, pictures, website addresses, credit card details and more!

After some very extensive testing we can say it is one of the best Android packer sniffer Apps available!

Firstly, is it very easy to use, you don’t need any experience in WiFi/networking security to use this App.

The App has a huge range of features but the one most people will be interested in is the Man-In-The-Middle attack (MITM).  A Man-In-The-Middle attack re-routes all the information being sent between a WiFi router and a user through a program or App like the one being discussed in this post.   Basically when the App is running and connected to a WiFi network it can see and collect all the information sent over the network, both WiFi and wired.

Many websites now use secure SSL, when a use logs in they will be taken to a secure page which uses SSL to prevent their detailed being ‘sniffed’.

The Zanti App has an ‘SSL Strip’ function which redirects all users on the network to a website’s non secure ‘HTTP’ login page so it can collect the username/login details and password.  The App can capture the username and password to major, supposedly secure sites like eBay and Amazon! In the picture below you can see the App has captured the login details to an eBay account (username ‘ebayuser123’ & password ‘12345678’).

wifi sniffer android password apk

The App has a host of other other features which can be used for entertainment purposes like URL redirect. You can set any URL you wish ( and whichever website a user on the network attempts to visit the App will send them to that URL.   This can be done solely for fun or to send many users (such as at a sports stadium) to a specific website where the website owner can profit from adverts on their site.

The App can replace all the pictures on websites other users are visiting to a picture you set in the App, this can be fun when using public WiFi or a WiFi network at school, college or work!

Due to the powerful network manipulation and hacking potential of this App is not available from the Play Store.

You have to Download it directly from the developer’s site.