WiFi Hack App for Android – WPA Finder

wifi hack appWPA Finder is a WiFi hack App that will work on routers mostly found in Italy.

You will find many similar WiFi hacking apps in the Play Store but this App seems to be the most effective in finding the password to locked WiFi routers.  We tested a few Apps designed for Italian routers and found this one to be the best,  it had lots of good reviews, only a small amount of non intrusive advertising and no spyware/malware warnings.

The App works in a very similar fashion to many of the other WiFi hacker Apps you will find on this site by exploiting the algorithm which is used by the router to create the WiFi passcode.  The App will ‘calculate’ the password to the router based on the network name (SSID), this only takes a few seconds.

Now the design of the App won’t win any beauty contests, in fact it is pretty ugly and basic with an unattractive black background and bright red, yellow and turquoise test.  It does however hack WiFi passwords well and that is what is most important!

The App works on the routers listed below supplied by these (ISP) Internet Service Providers.


To crack the password to a WiFi router with this App you will first need to select the provider, eg. FASTWEB, ALICE, TELECOM etc.

And then you just need to ONLY enter the numbers after the network manufacturer name.

So as an example, to crack the password to a network with the name ‘FASTWEB-836459 you would need to select the ‘FASTWEB’ tab and then enter the numbers ‘836459’ and press the enter button (Trova WPA).

As long as the default password has not be changed the App will give you the passcode in second and you can connect to the network and enjoy free WiFi!

So download this WiFi hack App free here today and start enjoying free WiFi.

This App will work on unrooted Android devices, however this app will only work on routers in Italy.