Welcome to the Ultimate WiFi Hacking Site

Welcome to the Ultimate WiFi Password Hacking Site

This website was created to provide the latest, best and most up to date information on WiFi password hacking Apps for Android phones and tablets, WiFi hacking tutorials and guides.

Our team test and fully review each App on the site to ensure you only download WiFi hacking Apps that actually work.  We feature Apps from the Play Store as well as .apk downloads that work on Rooted and unrooted phones, ie. on Android without root.  We have detailed installation and user guides for the best WiFi hacker apps so you can avoid the hundreds of fake and prank WiFi hacking Apps.

We also feature some of the best Android network sniffer Apps which can collect information sent over WiFi and wired networks.

Most of the Apps on this site will work on Android devices which have not been rooted, there are some Apps which will require Rooted device, if you do not have a rooted phone, check out our guide here, we have a FREE one click rooting solution!

Our site begun as an Android WiFi password cracking site but has grown in to something much bigger and better over the years, we now have extensive, detailed guides on all aspects of network penetration using Linux, Virtual Machines and even Windows!   All guides have detailed step by step instructions with pictures and links to the tools needed.

So check out some of the most popular sections of our website: