Rooting An Android Device & One Click Solution

Rooting An Android Device

Many of the Apps listed on this site can only be used on a Rooted Android device.

Rooting is the process of granting root or administrative access to the Android operating system on a smartphone or any device running the Android operating system.

As the Android OS is based on the Linux kernel rooting is similar to having root access.
Rooting, also know as Root, SU or Superuser provides increased privileges to access, alter and change the Android system.

Although rooting is different to jailbreaking an Apple device, it is similar in the respect that it will allow the user to have far more control over their device’s settings and system.

The main objective of rooting is to be able to change settings, increase device performance (such as increasing processor speed, increasing battery life) install different versions of the operating system and overcome limitations set by the carrier.

Unlike jailbreaking an Apple device, rooting an Android device is allowed and many manufactures facilitate it.

The process of rooting is different for every device and, unlike jailbreaking an iphone there is no single option for all devices, it can be complicated if you are not very technical. However you can usually find detailed instructions for your device at the xda-developers site here.


We have some good news for you!

Rooting your Android device just got a LOT easier!

There is now a one click Root solution and it is called TowleRoot!

As mentioned above Rooting an Android phone, tablet or any device running an Android OS is not an easy task and there is an element of risk in trying to Root, not done properly it can wreck your device and make it unusable and YOU will have to pay to get it repaired as messing around with the OS will void any warranty!

A developer who goes by the name geohot has created what is basically an App which can Root Android devices.  It will not work on all Android devices but it is definitely worth a try, if it can’t give you Root it will just display a message telling you your device is not supported and nothing bad will happen!

So first you will need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources, ie. apps not from the Play store, to do this go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and check the box.

Then head over to and tap on the red symbol in the middle of the screen, this will download a file named tr.apk, you should see the file at the top of your screen where you get notifications, otherwise go to Downloads.

Tap on the file and then tap ‘Package installer’ and install the App, you will get a few warnings as it is not from the Play Store but you can just ignore them.  If you choose to scan the file with Anti Virus it will probably give you a warning as the App has permission to the root file system of your device.  However this is exactly the purpose of the App, to give ‘Root Access’, in other words, the process of ‘Rooting’.

Once it is installed just open it and hit ‘make it ra1n’.

If it worked you will now have Root!!!!  You will then need to install SuperSU which will help protect your device as you now have the highest level of access to the Android Operating System.

If it didn’t work then you will have to gain Root the old fashioned way, find instructions for your device at the xda-developers site.