Google WiFi Router – Total Home WiFi Coverage System

google wifi routerGoogle WiFi Routers

Google has a lot of fingers in a lot digital pies, they dominate search, have a pretty fat slice of the mobile operating market, they help us find bars and then help us find our tipsy way home with their maps. They thought that little website called YouTube would look good in their portfolio, they gave Apple a run for their money on the Apps market.
They make laptops, self driving cars, I think there is even a Google TV, wait I’ll Google it, yeah yeah, Google TV.

So the guys in the development dept were probably getting a bit worried, what could they come up with next to keep their jobs? Google dating? Google restaurants? Google funerals, nah, dead people are the worst customers and it doesn’t really fit in with the young uber cool Silicon Valley image.

Think, Think, Think!

WiFi! Everyone loves WiFi! Google WiFi. Hmmm WiFi is a frequency, can’t really reinvent that.

Google WiFi Routers! Done!

So what is a Google WiFi router, what does it do, why do you need one and where can you find one to spend your hard earned cash on?

All these questions and more shall be answered henceforth.

Now the good folks over at Google decided to try and solve one of the biggest problems to blight the first world, WiFi dead spots in and around larger than average homes.

We all have one, it might be the downstairs toilet, the garage, the guest bedroom at the end of the hall, the games room – a WiFi dead spot – an area of your home that suffers from poor WiFi reception. Either you can’t connect or you have like two bars but Instagram pictures are soooo slow to load! Nightmare!

Now Google haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel with their WiFi router, in fact a Google WiFi router is actually multiple WiFi routers which use ‘mesh’ technology to ensure total coverage. Well not completely true, you can just use one Google router which is sufficient to cover an area of 1,500 sq. foot. But if you want to make sure you have signal in the upstairs linen cupboard then it’s probably best to buy two.

If you have multiple linen cupboards then you may need to buy the three pack (good for homes up to 4,500 sq. foot) or more if you’re really in to linen.

What is Mesh Technology?

‘Mesh’ technology basically means you have multiple routers which all connect to each other, wirelessly, basically like range extenders. Mesh technology has been around for a while and is often used in large scale WiFi networks like City WiFi, colleges, hospitals and it means that not every router or Access Point (AP) needs to be directly connected to an Internet connection, it connects to another AP and gets you online seamlessly.

So how does all this wireless witchery work?

Well to enjoy Google WiFi you will first need to connect one Google router to the router supplied by your ISP (and turn off the WiFi signal from your ISP’s router) and then just place extra Google routers around your home wherever the WiFi signal is poor. Pretty simple eh?

Googles super smart WiFi routers won’t just eliminate dead spots, oh no, they will find the best channel (there are over 13 to be honest) to make sure you aren’t sharing the same channel with one of your selfish neighbours so that you have blazin’ fast WiFi.

How fast?

Well Google routers are AC (1.3 Gigabit/1300 Mbps) compatible which means you can squeeze every megabyte out of your Internet connection as well as being compatible with all older IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi devices.  And the Google router will also automatically select the best band for range and speed be it 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Don’t know what this means? Don’t worry, it’s all automatic.

Oh and there’s an App, you didn’t just think it was bit Appless hardware did you?  You can monitor your super fast, all encompassing WiFi network with the App and do cool things like see which router you are connected to, how many devices are connected to your network, prioritize devices like video streaming to avoid laggy viewing and even kick your kids off the network when you think they should be sleeping, sweet eh?

Google does have a video (below) but it doesn’t really give you that much info about the actual product or it’s features so maybe you can read some reviews on Amazon here!