48 hours  ”Establish the link!” challenge

Paris 27-29 September 2013, with Orange Partner

Berlin 18-20 October 2013, with Developer Garden

You might think… Why are we going to try to get network access for 48 hours? That sounds like no hackathon fun!

It would indeed… but that’s not what we’re talking about!

Ever heard of joyn (RCS) and WebRTC? Two simple APIs to connect your app and website users through chat, video call, file exchange…

That’s more like it! For 48 hours we’ll be creating amazing ways to “establish the link” using joyn or why not joyn and webRTC… call it hack-a-chat-athon if you will!

The challenge is to get the other teams to use your solution by the end of the weekend!
Build amazing customer experiences from e-commerce to B2B services!

  • Chat windows for sales, face to face for training, screen and file exchange for support, from the web or from your phone! We want it all!
  • Get your users chatting, video calling, and swapping all within your app! Multi-player games, social networks, enterprise collaboration… You name it!

How does it work?

  1. Head down to the venue on Friday evening from 18:00 and join us with your team! Or meet team mates on the day as you wish!
  2. We’ll have a short session to learn everything there is to know about RCS and WebRTC from experts so that you can come up with great hacks…
  3. And… we kick off the 48 hours!! For 48 hours you can stay with us… eat, drink, code and hack…
  4. If you have great ideas we let you share them and build your team…
  5. And on Sunday at 3PM it’s demo time!! You know how that works… judges, fantastic prizes, applause, glory… oh and a bit of stress with the demo demons!!

Why is it called establish the link???  We’d like you to have the solutions working on real phones and on a real network … with a real person on the other side… It’s all about establishing the link!!

And we have loads of cool prizes!!

  • A trip to hype Berlin for Parisians or to sparky Paris for Berliners… that’s the whole team on tour! (hence the Paris to Berlin hackathon name!)
  • Droidcon tickets for London / Paris or Berlin…your choice!
  • Awesome Hardware
  • And the best applications will be demoed at the RCS Summit in Berlin in October!

Enterprise developers, business guys, app and web developers, designers everyone’s welcome!!

Join us in Paris Join us in Berlin